An Oldie That Never Grows Old Recycling an old story with a timeless message – there is a time to forgive and stay, and another to forgive and walk away. “Mine to Tell” is the story of throwing off chains and walking free of the past, ourselves, and what others say about us.

“The Lady’s Arrangement”

Soon to be released from The Wild Rose Press, the story of a feisty redheaded widow and the stubborn Ranger who answers her ad for a husband who can take orders. She needs his last name and he needs a temporary disguise…neither wants to be told what to do.

Oldie But Goodie

I’m honored that fellow author Sherry Gloag pulled out and dusted off my first book, “Mine to Tell” and featured it on her site today. As an avid reader of the classics…the sorts of stories that DO NOT hook you in the first sentence/paragraph/page/chapter/half…I was happy to see readership look …

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When We Stop Speaking

It came as a shock to me the evening my laptop swore my printer was a stranger and refused to communicate with it. “Don’t recognize…something’s changed…please unplug that cable.” “But you’ve been together since…since forever,” I argued. “How can you claim you no longer identify with him/her/it?” I undid the …

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Thank you, Sarah…Thank you, InDtale

Mine to Tell Colleen L. Donnelly Genre: Historical All her life, Annabelle Crouse has felt a connection to her great-grandmother, Julianne despite the shame and disapproval her entire family has laid at Julianne’s feet. She has always wanted to know why her great-grandmother had vanished for a few weeks, only …

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