Write What You Know – Our Soul

Cloth heartFrom “Sonata Contineo”

“I left Maxine’s home a different person than when I’d gone in. I now knew for certain I had a soul. Everyone had one. It was just a matter of what passions it was made of and whether it ruled the person, or the person was blessed by it. From now on, when I saw Lane, I’d know their tree wasn’t as pure as his family believed. I’d also know something foreign and something good had been grafted into it…like Pam, and maybe eventually Gabriella. The disease Angie feared was there, truly was, and it was sprouting before her very eyes. Grafted in and sprouting…but it was going to be a beautiful tree.”

Lessons Learned: Our soul, the seat of our mind, will, and emotions, can be wounded, wound others, or bless in respecting other souls as well as our own.

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