Write What You Know – Death for Life in Friendship

valentine-day-background-happy-couple-holding-hands-together-as-forever-love_1150-7226[1]“Lane’s voice rang in my memory, his old admonition that I was being financially reckless by moving into an apartment while my parents lived only a few blocks from campus. He’d said it because we were friends, and sometimes friendship called for a war, a battle to make sure the other person lived securely. He’d stepped in my path to veer me from a course he believed would damage me, just like I’d tried to veer him today. Lane and I had shared excitement and disappointment our whole lives. We’d helped each other, defended each other, and applauded each other. Our crises had taken on adult proportions as we’d aged, and after today’s crisis I realized how much Lane really meant to me. I would die for my best friend. I would gladly take his place tomorrow so his world would never come to an end, doing so without him ever knowing what I’d done. He’d just go on. Go on with someone else. Someone who never made the sacrifice, and loved him in a different sort of way.”

Lessons learned from seeing our life on a page:

  • What looks whole may have to be broken to make it stronger
  • Sacrifice means loss of what we held onto so the one we love has something to hold
  • The best acts of salvation come without fanfare, no price tag attached
  • Circumstances are not necessarily the whole truth

From the book,      Sonata Contineo

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