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Mine to Tell

Colleen L.

All her life, Annabelle Crouse has felt a connection to her great-grandmother, Julianne despite the shame and disapproval her entire family has laid at Julianne’s feet. She has always wanted to know why her great-grandmother had vanished for a few weeks, only to return and be transferred to a separate house. Unable to move on with her own life without knowing, Annabelle begins to repair her great-grandmother’s house and slowly uncover the truth of Julianne’s life. With only the help of a neighbor she barely knows, Annabelle discovers that she is not so different from Julianne and that love is sometimes a complicated thing.


A triumphant mix of contemporary and historical work, “Mine to Tell” alternates between the stories of Annabelle and Julianne as each face family expectations, find love, and face the reality of the men in their lives. The characters are deeply engrossing, and the plot moves smoothly despite the alternating points of view. The truth behind Julianne’s tale is completely surprising and will leave the reader stunned. The romance in the book is both sweet and heart-wrenching; as both women must face that their ideas of the men in their lives are different from reality and then decide how to make the most of it. The characters lack perfection making them more believable. This makes an excellent book club read just due to the complexity of the story and should be added to the to-read lists of anyone who enjoys contemporary/historical romance.


Sarah E. Bradley

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