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“Out of Splinters and Ashes” is my next book to come out…a story about the right person at the wrong time, or the wrong person at the right time. Or as a friend of mine asked – is there ever a wrong time if you’ve met the right person? There was a wrong time for Amabile and George, she a German writer of romance before and during Berlin’s 1936 Summer Olympics, he a US soldier sent undercover to the Olympics to run. And pass secreted information from one country to another. Through her. But in the moment he handed her what he’d been commanded to, he handed her more. He gave her his heart, also, and she gave him hers. Neither foresaw falling in love, especially right before a war that pitted them as enemies. “No one can love an enemy.” With nothing but splinters and ashes remaining from the love Amabile and George swore to each other, Amabile’s German grandson and George’s New York granddaughter scrape together the remnants of two destroyed families, aghast to discover an enemy may have lurked in their pasts. One that looked like their grandparents, and too much like each other.

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