pines in the sky

“I didn’t just fall into this friendship when you came back and opened your great-grandmother’s house. I knew what I was doing when I came over with your brother. I was already a part of your world. It was natural for me. You just didn’t know it yet.”

I puzzled over this stranger in front of me that I’d lived near all my life. Who was he and what in the world did he mean? It was like standing on a precipice with gravity pulling one direction and gusts of wind blowing the other. I wavered, looking below and looking up, the only two options I had. Before I could decide, Kyle’s arms were around me and my senses were buried in a warm rush of the aromas of wood oil and herbal tea. He smelled as comfortable as he felt. I let all of the air out of my lungs and just melted into him, enveloped in his hug.

From “Mine to Tell” – a reminder to have courage when you know who’s important to you.

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