#Free Audiobook

My award winning novel, “Out of Splinters and Ashes” is currently being offered free…handy for those of us stuck at home! A post WWII historical fiction story of a supposed affair between a US Olympic runner in Hitler’s summer Olympics and a young German woman, brings the ramifications of loving …

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An Oldie That Never Grows Old

https://thebookbreeze.wordpress.com/ Recycling an old story with a timeless message – there is a time to forgive and stay, and another to forgive and walk away. “Mine to Tell” is the story of throwing off chains and walking free of the past, ourselves, and what others say about us.

When We Stop Speaking

It came as a shock to me the evening my laptop swore my printer was a stranger and refused to communicate with it. “Don’t recognize…something’s changed…please unplug that cable.” “But you’ve been together since…since forever,” I argued. “How can you claim you no longer identify with him/her/it?” I undid the …

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