“She played rapidly, thinking her hands could escape his, but he stayed with her. The melody was wonderful, the harmony voluptuous, and soon she forgot about his nearness, and lost herself in the tune. He surprised her by suddenly racing ever so slightly ahead, his chords outdistancing hers. She picked up her pace to catch him, only to have him slow again. Puzzled, she followed his lead once again, slowing her rhythm to match his, after which he changed the tempo altogether. She followed him up, down, fast, slow, at first never wanting her hands to be singled out and left alone, but finally never wanting the harmony to be lost. He sometimes led, and sometimes drove, as he took her through a musical masterpiece of blends and embellishments. She’d never known such exuberance, never felt such exhilaration, never been so daring. The tune took her places she’d never been. His hands, his touch beside her, and their shared enthusiasm, made them one. Until, flushed, they raced to the end where he suddenly slowed, and he let her finish first.”

–Ahhh, what more can I say? From “Sonata Contineo” free on Kindle.

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