“I told no one of the attic treasures I’d found, not even Trevor during his brief visit, even though I had intended to. It was supposed to have been a bonding time, a time for him to see me in a new way and realize the importance of what I was doing. But he hadn’t come for excavations or sharing. He’d come to feel optimistic about us again, hopeful I’d give in so things could return to his kind of normal. I smiled on the outside when he visited. I smiled for him, smiled for my parents, and even smiled to placate my brother. But I cried when he left, sad that he was so happy over what was nothing more than a weak pretense on my part, and sadder yet because I missed him so. Missed him on the inside, in the places where he’d never, ever been and where I feared he never would be.”

From “Mine to Tell” – when we’re together on the outside, but not the inside. When we’re together for every reason except one, the one that matters.

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