Enemies that would mow us down:
1. I can’t
2. What will the neighbors think?
3. What if I fail?
4. What if I succeed?
5. I’ve never done that before
6. Things never change for me
7. I’m not good enough.

Enough of that. Why give air time to the negative when there is growth and opportunity on higher ground? Speak life to the above.

1. I can
2. My neighbors will finally see who I really am and want to be
3. Failing on occasion teaches me to get up, reach higher, and try again
4. Success – *blush* – smile and take a humble bow when it comes
5. New experiences – there is that daring child in you somewhere, let him run free
6. This isn’t about things changing for you, it’s about you changing and becoming who you were meant to be
7. I’m getting better with every attempt, “good enough” is relative

There is soil above your foes. Sink in your roots and enjoy the ride!

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