#Free Audiobook

My award winning novel, “Out of Splinters and Ashes” is currently being offered free…handy for those of us stuck at home! A post WWII historical fiction story of a supposed affair between a US Olympic runner in Hitler’s summer Olympics and a young German woman, brings the ramifications of loving …

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Rone Awards Finalist!

“Out of Splinters and Ashes” has been chosen as a finalist for InD’Tale Magazine’s Rone Awards in Historical Fiction. Honored to be amongst those highly reviewed and voted for, this novel which is centered on an illicit love affair formed just prior to WWII during Germany’s Summer Olympics between an American runner …

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More deep truths are told in fiction than nonfiction. People will say in a story what they wouldn’t dare to their friends, their significant other, or even themselves. Authors “Write What They Know” when they dredge up brutal honesty and assign it to a character, leaving a reader who suffers from …

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Don’t Just Escape – Be Taken Somewhere

“We would be fools to think fiction authors weren’t writing their own truths. And we would be liars if we didn’t admit our truths were in their stories we read.”   From “Out of Splinters and Ashes” Read, write, and live…experience the power of the word.